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An expert in financial, pension and risk planning management, Yosi Pichadze is a licensed pension insurance agent and a licensed investment consultant (contingent).

Yosi is also a certified financial planner (CFP) and a member of the Union of Financial Planners in Israel (UFPI). He too often finds himself contemplating about the day he retires, has more time to spend with my family, and realizes at least some of his dreams.

Yosi began his career in the USA, as team manager for a large service organization. It was there that he met a number of wealthy customers and realized that there is no substitute for a healthy and professional work environment – especially one that conveys that the customers are in good hands.

After returning to Israel and completing a BA in Economics and Business Management, Yosi held a range of positions at Bank Yahav – including the filling the role of investment consultant. While he loved his job, he continuously felt that something was missing. He was only dealing with the customers’ assets that were held in the bank. Although life insurance, health insurance and provident funds are an inseparable part of a person’s assets, they were not part of Yosi’s scope of practice, and he was troubled by this void.

Yosi later became a licensed pension fund agent and began working for the Tmura Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of Clal Insurance Company Ltd. There he became highly proficient with the world of finance, handling portfolios for large-scale customers. However, once again something was missing. After their retirement, customers found themselves having to deal with a range of service providers regarding their assets, with each consultant, agent and banker placing an emphasis on only certain aspects, without ever seeing the whole picture, and without eliminating duplicate insurances or conflicts of interest. It was then that Yosi realized that providing customers with optimal service entails comprehensive financial planning and management, to individually suit the needs and requirements of each customer.

Yosi realized he had found his calling and became a Certified International Financial Planner who is bound by strict ethical and professional standards. His vast experience and academic knowledge ensures that customers receive excellent professional and personal services – to ensure that their portfolio, and those of their family members, are indeed optimal, suited to their needs, for the rest of their lives and beyond.



Over the years, Yosi has encountered numerous people who are wealthy, intelligent, and successful, yet who are losing precious time and money because of incorrect financial management. Many are now our clients who know that they can always consult with us, whenever a question arises. Even on a daily basis. Although they each have their own unique portfolio, what they do have in common is a lack of time and ability to comprehend and keep up-to-date with the mountains of information about ever-changing products, regulations and market conditions.

That is what we are here for – to help you make the right decisions and to ensure your peace of mind while you enjoy the important things in life. Although we work with numerous service providers, we are not tied or committed to any one insurance company, bank, investment house, or agency. Choices are only made after examining each customer’s needs and each product’s advantages and costs. This is the only way we can ensure that you will receive the best value for your money.

We warmly invite you join our circle of satisfied clients who enjoy personal and professional service. Together, we will achieve the best results, with minimum moves and maximum precision. Just like in golf.


The Team

Yosi Pichadze

Founder and Financial Planner

Real Estate Manager

Yifat Shwartz

Customer Portfolio Manager

MBA student
BA, University of Haifa
Practical Engineer, Industrial Engineering and Management and IT – Technion
Experienced in pension and investment operations
Married + 3
Address: Kiryat Ata

Sivan Cherniya

Operations Coordinator

BA, WIZO College
Highly experienced in running operations for life insurance, pensions, saving funds and investments
Married + 3
Address: Yokneam

Lior Kovalio

Customer Portfolio Manager

BA in Business Management, specializing in Marketing and Advertising
Expert in pension savings and investment management
Highly experienced in personal banking
Married + 2
Address: Kiryat Motzkin

Reuven Pichadze

Operations and Control

Background in Physics and Mathematics
Previously served as Machinary Officer at ZIM Shipping Services
Married + 3
Address: Kiryat Ata

Yonit Pichadze

Bookkeeping and Office Manager

Bookkeeping and Office Manager
Previously worked for the Tel Aviv Municipality
Experienced in Operations and Control
Married + 4
Address: Moshav Ahihud

Lidan Aharonov

Studied at the Ohel Moshe Jewish Teaching Academy
Teaches at the Or Daniel Synagogue in Bat Yam
Is currently studying Real Estate Initiatives on the X Project led by real estate entrepreneur Robert Shamin.
Married + 1

Yohai Ben Simhon

Customer Portfolio Manager

BA in Business Management, specializing in Finance and Banking
Expert in pension savings and investment management
Experienced in personal banking
Previously worked for The Phoenix Insurance Company
Married + 2


Yosi Pichadze Financial Planning works with the following entities:

Investment Houses

  • Altshuler Shaham
  • Yelin Lapidot
  • Psagot
  • Meitav Dash
  • IBI
  • Talent
  • Analyst

Insurance Companies

  • Harel
  • Migdal
  • Clal
  • Phoenix
  • Menorah
  • Hachshara

Real Estate Investment Fund

  • Harel
  • IBI Comrit

Non-Commercial Credit

  • Tarya P2P
  • Priority / Profimex

Non-Commercial Real Estate

  • Profimex
  • Altshuler Properties

Member of the Association of Financial Planners in Israel

Customers testify

  • Extremely professional

    I have been working with Yosi for a number of years. After conducting a thorough analysis of my financial portfolio, Yosi recommended which changes to make, in order to maximize yields at the desired levels of risk and save on management fees. Yosi also manages some of my investments and insurance plans, combining professional knowledge, experience, and attention to detail for the benefit of the customer.

    Rotem Levy, Misgav Regional Council
  • The right person in the right place

    I first met Yosi in 2014 when I was the surgeon who operated on one of his children. We became firm friends. Before retiring from work as a civil servant, I asked Yosi for advice on investments, pensions, and health insurance for myself and my family. This was the best decision I could have made. Yosi was the right man in the right place, and he helped me every step of the way and in a most professional manner. Yosi is still in touch with my family and myself, and I am delighted to recommend Yosi's services.

    Dr. Gidon Shoshani, Haifa
  • Provides a feeling of security

    Since retiring in 2013, Yosi Pichadze has been my pension investment advisor for all my saving and insurance plans. In some cases, he is also the insurance agent. I have the utmost confidence in Yosi's recommendations. Over the past two years, my financial accounts have done well, despite market fluctuations. I highly recommend that all my acquaintances use Yosi as their financial advisor. Good luck!

    Dr. Daniel Leshem, Haifa
  • A real asset to the market

    Yosi has been managing all my financial assets for quite a few years. He advises me on which investment and savings options to choose, and carries out the agreed-upon deposits and withdrawals. Yosi provides professional, reliable, fast and efficient services, and is a real asset to this wild and confusing marketing of financial assets, pension planning, health insurance, and long-term care insurance. I am extremely satisfied with the service I receive from Yosi and whole-heartedly recommend his services.

    Doron Storalzy, Timrat
  • Objective and professional

    I was most impressed with how Yosi looks at matters, in an objective and professional manner, providing customers with what they really need, without trying to "sell" unnecessary products just to make a profit. Yosi also has a holistic outlook of each customer's finances and insurance as a whole. When handling financial investments and insurance plans for people with assets, especially those who are self-employed, Yosi offers peace of mind, working with maximum integrity and transparency.

    Avry Ratchby, HR and Financial Manager, Kibbutz Sassa
  • Always readily available

    I highly recommend Yosi as a consultant and am grateful that I work with him. Yosi met with me at great length to go over each and every insurance plan that I had purchased over the years. He identified some duplicate insurances, and replaced others for better plans. I found myself saving more than $200 each month. Yosi uses innovative software to organize and monitor my portfolio and is always happy to answer questions and queries. You can sleep well knowing that the person managing your portfolio is reliable, thorough, professional, caring and dedicated.

    Moshe Tesler, Moshav Moreshet
  • Clear and actionable recommendations

    Over the past few years, Yosi has been my financial planner and advisor for all my savings. I was most impressed by his professionalism and his being highly familiar with the topic, including offering specific options based on my age. Yosi presents the issue and his recommendations in a clear-cut and calm manner, enabling customers to reach optimal decisions.

    Ran Yossef, Kiryat Motzkin
  • Always pleasant and patient

    I have been working with Yosi for the past two years and am extremely grateful. Yosi is highly professional, reliable and dedicated, and always provides personal service with the utmost patience. Each financial issue is thoroughly considered, to find the optimal solution. I highly recommend using Yosi's services and taking advantage of his vast knowledge and experience.

    Dr. Shoshi Ben-Or, Kibbutz HaSolelim
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    The information contained on this website is in no way a recommendation to buy or sell any financial or insurance product whatsoever or a substitute for actual consultancy that takes into account the customer's data and needs and that is provided by a certified consultant as defined by law. The Yosi Pichadze Pension Insurance Agency (2018) Ltd. is a licensed pension insurance agency that engages in pension fund marketing and not pension fund consultancy. The Yosi Pichadze Pension Insurance Agency markets products for a range of entitites as detailed on the company's website. The Yosi Pichadze Pension Insurance Agency has an affinity, as defined in the Financial Service Supervision Act (engaging in pension fund consultancy and pension fund marketing) 2005, with the financial products that it markets and may prefer these products when providing customer services.
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